Punky Brewster trailer proves series should have been left to die in the fridge

Punky Brewster is back—and still in her mismatched sneakers! As if it’s not deeply sad and a bit unhinged to be in your 40s and still clinging to a garish style you invented when you were eight.

Soleil Moon Frye returns in the Punky Brewster sequel series’ title role, with fellow cultural relic Freddie Prinze Jr. likewise reemerging as her ex. They’re split up with three kids, (there is totally a spark still between them, which could become a major season arc???) but Punky nonetheless decides to pay it forward from the original series and also take in a young homeless girl. Little does this street urchin know, the Brewster household is completely insufferable.

Truth be told, there are multicamera sitcoms currently on the air that are as bad or worse than this looks. But show’s declaration that two-color high-tops “still works!” is a painfully unaware indictment of it doing the same shit that was slightly goofy fun for a kid in 1984.

Come on, Peacock. This is nowhere near clearing the Saved by the Bell bar.

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