‘Rampage’ Plot Elucidated by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Get 'em, The Rock.

In terms of crucial plot elements, the old arcade quarter-eater Rampage gave its audience about two. Firstly, it revealed that various chemicals had turned a man into a giant gorilla, a woman into a giant iguana, and some other guy into a giant wolf. Secondly, it sent that trio on a nationwide, well, rampage. It’s not a lot. Yet, somehow, it seems much of it is already being lost in translation to the Rampage motion picture that’s for some reason being made.

On his Instagram, captioning a photo of himself really blastin’ those triceps, Dwayne Johnson recently gave some new details on the film. Given his description, it seems much has changed:


You know, sometimes changes have to be made in bringing a video game story to screen. But honestly, is it really Rampage if it’s not rooted in man hiding his purist shame?

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