Regal Offers Will Show You All the Best Picture Nominees for $35

Want to check out what Hell or High Water was all about? Or to finally watch Moonlight before your friends figure out you didn’t see it and start telling you how important it is for you to see? Well, now you can see both films—as well as all the other Academy Award nominees for Best Picture—for one cost-effective price.

From February 17th until the awards ceremony on the 26th, select Regal cinemas are holding a “Best Picture Film Festival.” Each day, they’ll be showing a selection of four of the nine Oscar-nominated Best Picture hopefuls. Those who purchase a $35 badge can get into any of these screenings for just that upfront cost. In many areas, that pays for itself if you see even just three of the films, and it breaks down to under $4 a ticket if you squeeze in all nine. Plus, if you do see them all, when you talk about which film you think should win, you can have a real smug air of authority about it.

For more info and a list of participating theaters, head over to Regal’s site.

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