Rian Johnson’s next mystery is a Natasha Lyonne series

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out had a pretty damn amazing cast for a whodunnit. Might’ve been a little better with Natasha Lyonne, though, right?

So now the Brick director will make amends by making his third genre mystery a full-on series with the Russian Doll star. Peacock has reportedly already made a straight-to-series order for the show. It’s titled Poker Face, so just go in expecting a somber Lady Gaga cover for at least the trailer if not the intro.

While the trend for these kind of prestige mystery series has been to go for season-long if not multi-season arcs, Johnson’s take sounds refreshingly episodic. In the official press release, he said, “I’m very excited to dig into the type of fun, character-driven, case-of-the-week mystery goodness I grew up watching.” And Natasha Lyonne as our new Columbo is not a bad idea at all.

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