Ridley Scott’s back at it with the androids and humanity in the Raised by Wolves trailer

Ridley Scott is back to the world of science fiction, and yes, he’s still going on about androids and the nature of humanity. In his new HBO Max series, Raised by Wolves, Earth is kaput and religious wars to blame. But when things were falling apart, a craft carrying two androids and some fetuses was sent out to the only known human-habitable planet. The plan: start humanity again, with the android parents really stressing the absence of a supreme being to their new brood. Bad news, though, androids: some Techno Viking 2.0s also managed to escape to the planet in their own ark, and they are very religious. These guys are going to be terrible neighbors!

The series is created by Prisoners writer and The Red Road creator Aaron Guzikowski, with Scott executive producing and directing early episodes. It begins September 3. Can’t wait to find out whether atheism or theism is correct!

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