Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci trailer marred by Jared Leto brand

Eleven months out from The Batman’s first trailer and there’s a last-minute contender to rival Colin Farrell’s Penguin for “Most Distracting Leading Man Made into a Paunchy, Balding Weirdo.” Have a peek with the new trailer for House of Gucci.

Leto fielding.

Ridley Scott directs the real-life crime tale, with Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jeremy Irons, and Al Pacino starring in the lavish story of the murder of fashion house head Maurizio Gucci. Should be a home run, but look who’s out there in the outfield. It’s Jared Leto, and he’s been in the makeup chair even longer than he was to get all the “HA”s drawn on his arm for Suicide Squad. He’s gone full Mario Super Sluggers, and this cartoon Italian is going to use every ability as his disposal to not let this ball leave the park.

Mamma mia. What happened to the abundance of character actors who could have easily done this role in the ’70s?

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