Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman try to off Tommy Lee Jones in The Comeback Trail trailer

The inexplicably prolific “crotchety old guys gettin’ into trouble” genre has somehow manifested yet another entry for the usual suspects of ever-older old guys. Have a look with the trailer for The Comeback Trail.

The film’s old guys doin’ shit all-star lineup sees old guys Robert De Niro (Last Vegas, the upcoming The War with Grandpa), Tommy Lee Jones (Just Getting Started), and Morgan Freeman (The Bucket List, Going in Style, also Just Getting Started) team with Zach Braff (director of Going in Style) for a Hollywood crime comedy.

De Niro stars as a producer basically doing The Producers by way of criminally negligent homicide. Deeply in debt to the mob, and realizing he can get more money from a film’s insurance payout than from actually completing the movie, he starts production on a Western with the sole intent of “accidentally” killing its aging, reckless star, Tommy Lee Jones.

To its credit, The Comeback Trail looks more like a one-note Get Shorty than the sum of its elderly stars’ old guy movies (or the sum of their ages, which is 233), and in a departure from his usual modern comedy roles, De Niro seems to actually be trying to act.

The latest offering aimed squarely at the 70- to 90-year-old male demo hits theaters November 13.

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