RoboCop Returns has a new director

MGM has taken another step forward in rebuilding RoboCop 2 as something better if less naturally constructed than its original form. THR reports that the studio has signed Abe Forsythe, director of the recently zombie comedy Little Monsters, to make his next film RoboCop Returns.

This film isn’t a sequel to 2014’s rebooted RoboCop nor a continuation of the initial series that left off with 1993’s RoboCop 3. It’s instead meant to retcon the original trilogy by ignoring 2 and 3, making a new sequel to the 1987 original.

District 9‘s Neill Blomkamp first hoped to direct this as a violent ’80s genre replacement to his direct Aliens sequel that never happened, but MGM’s desire to move quickly on the project forced him to DROP IT (which is something RoboCop says) a few months ago. So Forsythe has some big shoes to fill. Not Blomkamp’s, obviously—Fatal Farm’s. They already made the best original RoboCop follow-up, and Forsythe is going to have to shoot a lot of dicks to top that one.

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