Russell Crowe road rages through thriller dreck in the Unhinged trailer

In Unhinged, Russell Crowe plays the kind of guy who shoots unhinged political rant videos in sunglasses from the driver’s seat of his pickup. One day, presumably when recording a belated diatribe against Obama, he ends up missing a traffic light switching to green, and the lady behind him honks and swerves around him. This makes the Academy Award-winning actor from Gladiator absolutely lose his shit. He is completely PO’d that this person—a female even!—would honk him out. So begins a deadly cat and mouse between truck video guy and woman who would dare blare her pedestrian car’s noisemaker at him.

While the film’s straight-outta-Curb premise is admittedly pretty funny, this thing looks like absolute dog shit. So it’s odd that Unhinged is being billed as not a VOD release but the first new movie to hit actual theaters post-quarantine. Originally scheduled to arrive in September, it’s now been moved up to July 1.

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