Ryan Reynolds going from Deadpool to Dirk the Daring for Dragon’s Lair

Ryan Reynolds in Dragon's Lair, potentially

In development since the ’80s, last by way of crowdfunding efforts in 2015 and ’16, a Dragon’s Lair movie is finally coming together—now in it’s most improbable form yet!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has picked up the film rights to the video game franchise that saw reluctant hero Dirk the Daring saving Princess Daphne from evil. The game wasn’t so much a proper game as it was a reflex test (press [button] now!), but its stylish animation—compliments of the legendary Don Bluth—made it a success, spawning sequels and a cartoon series. So it’s very odd that Netflix is for some reason not animating their adaptation.

Apparently their take will be live-action, with Ryan Reynolds in talks to slap on a conical helm in the lead role. Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark writers Dan and Kevin Hageman are attached to script this fleshy repackaging.

Anyway, while we’re at it with dated adapting games that seemed visually revolutionary but ended up being pretty boring, where’s Sega’s holographic Time Traveler movie?

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