Sam Worthington becomes an alien guy again in Netflix’s The Titan trailer

Avatar star and absolute cypher Sam Worthington is once again turning into a hyper-athletic, weird-colored being. Have a look at his now slightly more memorable features with this trailer for The Titan, a new sci-fi thriller headed to Netflix.

Exceedingly familiarly, Worthington plays a soldier enlisted for a top secret military program that will see humans colonizing the far-flung moon of a gas giant. Earth has at this point become nearly uninhabitable, so Worthington and some other recruits have been enlisted for an experiment in somehow evolving mankind’s genetics to the point that we might survive in a new home on the Saturn moon Titan. Given that Worthington is humanity’s closest approximation of a blank sheet of ecru card stock, the new DNA easily writes itself on him, and his so-called evolution lurches forward with horrific speed.

Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson, and Nathalie Emmanuel co-star. The Titan begins streaming March 30.

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