Sandra Bullock gets her latest contentious romance in The Lost City trailer

For their follow-up to their Tom & Huck by way of Bottle Rocket riff, Band of Robbers, the Nee Brothers have gone a decidedly more mainstream route: another rom-com where Sandra Bullock falls in love with some dude she initially did not like. Take a peek with the trailer for their The Lost City.

This time, the Nees’ riff is the familiar Bullock genre by way of Romancing the Stone, going the Jungle Cruise route of having a exotic, contentious, but ultimately romantic adventure between beautiful woman and muscular lunk. Bullock stars as a romance novelist who pens just such stories, and does press with her go-to cover model—the faux-Fabio that is Channing Tatum in a wig. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, wealthy villain Daniel Radcliffe abducts Bullock, seemingly in the hopes of locating an actual lost city like that of this movie and her book’s title. Likewise not entirely clear is why Tatum decides to be a real hero like in her books and rescue her. It’s fine, because here’s Brad Pitt to distract from why anything else is going on. He’s a big movie star!

Does anyone know why Channing Tatum doesn’t just grow his hair out like that? Why is he so insistent on this military-obsessed guy look? His head is shaved to the skin in the dumb little intro! Stolen valor, Channing. You need to enlist if you want to keep having this persistent hair aura. You want to be Gambit, and you can’t even let your hair grow beyond beard-clipper length? Pathetic.

Anyway, The Lost City hits theaters in March.

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