Santa Clauses teaser makes you wish for a way out of this clause

True to their Toy Story relationship, Tim Allen is following Tom Hanks in going to infinity and beyond—at least in terms of putting on a terrible white wig and standing in front of a green screen to collect a paycheck. Like Hanks and his atrocious Pinocchio, now Allen has his own cash-grab reinvention with The Santa Clauses. Here’s the trailer.

Remember how Allen somehow already spent a whole goddamn trilogy exploring this high-concept premise? Well, here’s another one! And it’s plural in not just name—it’s a whole miniseries!

Judging by this trailer, what that means is that we’ll be getting utterly arbitrary cameos from the likes of Peyton Manning and others as they join a whole batch of Santa Clauses. Potentially, this is how we will build to the Santa Clause Multiverse and, with any luck, the implosion of our own.

Merry Christmas!

The Santa Clauses hits Disney+ November 16, leaving plenty of time for the entire cosmos to collapse before Christmas Day.

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