Secret Invasion trailer is Marvel more washed out (and up) than ever

Were the notable brand not attached, you’d swear this was the latest of so many vaguely-sci-fi thriller, straight-to-video trashbags Samuel L. Jackson dragged out for a paycheck. Yet—sorry to say—this is the trailer for Marvel’s Secret Invasion. Have a look!

Is it another shoddy, muddy-looking mush born from the biggest entertainment conglomerate in the world yet again cheaping out? It sure is! And headed to Disney+! And featuring the lady from Game of Thrones who they keep trying to make into something! And it’s ostensibly another piece of the puzzle that will build to Avengers: Secret Wars—a movie that comes out in 2026!

From outside appearance, Secret Invasion looks like the most woefully arrogant, cynical, cheap spinoff product Marvel has made since their heyday of the ‘90s that led to their subsequent crash and near destruction. But it’s not like history repeats itself or anything, so it will probably be fine when Secret Invasion hits Disney+ June 21.

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