See Armed Bears, Bear-Men, More Insane Shit, in Russia’s ‘Guardians’ Trailer

Russia may well have been involved in high-level government hacking and the installation of a demagogue into the highest office in the United States, but look, everyone shut up about sanctions, because we need to get their crazy new film shipped over here. See for yourself, OBAMA, with this trailer for Guardians, a superhero film that features two Fantastic Four rip-offs, two Marvel Cinematic Universe knock-offs (unsurprisingly, the Russian-influenced characters), and what seem to be a couple Tekken characters. Of the final grouping, one is a ripped, bear-headed man with an enormous machine gun; the other is a rideable bear with back-mounted rocket launchers. In other words, this is Russia’s dashcam take on the found footage genre.

The film hits Mother Russia February 23.


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