See Gerard Butler, 50 Cent in exactly the low-budget thriller they deserve

A low-budget thriller directed by the writer of London Has Fallen and starring Gerard Butler and 50 Cent, Den of Thieves has one of the worst pitches in modern history. And here’s its first trailer, confirming that, indeed, it doesn’t look any better than it sounds. Butler, under the mistaken impression he owes the man who gave him his Olympus Has Fallen sequel dialogue, stars as a cop chasing down a criminal squad involving Fifty, Ice Cube scion O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Pablo Schreiber. That gang is trying to pull off a heist of the likes that few beyond Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes, and Diane Keaton have pulled off before: robbing the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Somehow eschewing the straight-to-video release it has so clearly earned, Den of Thieves hits theaters January 19.

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