See Plenty of Sex and Francos in HBO’s New ‘The Deuce’ Trailer

Get ready to head back in time to a filthy, sordid Times Square. To a time when trash filled the streets like the spilled candy of tourists that just visited the nearby M&M’s® World. To when prostitutes walked the streets, selling themselves like the man dressed as Elmo demanding you pay him for that photo you took of him. To when porn shops were on every corner, leaving everyone like, “Wait, so then where do I find a chain pharmacy?” To when, for whatever reason, there was somehow even more of James Franco.

Premiering September 10, The Deuce takes us back to the Times Square of the ’70s. The series was created by The Wire and Treme icon David Simon, and it stars the likes of James Franco (in Ewan McGregor-in-Fargo-esque twin brother roles), Maggie Gyllenhaal, Method Man, David Krumholtz, and Ralph Macchio—as well as prior Simon-creation standouts like Dominique Fishback (Show Me a Hero) and The Wire‘s Lawrence Gilliard Jr. and Gbenga Akinnagbe. If this doesn’t end up being the most fascinated you’ve ever been with porn and sex work, you probably have a problem.

Have a look at the promising new trailer above.

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