Seth MacFarlane Does ‘Star Trek’ in Fox’s ‘The Orville’ Trailer

Despite the nearly-irredeemable A Million Ways To Die in the West, Seth MacFarlane has again cast himself as the smugly grinning face of a goofy genre pastiche. This fall, he’ll be captaining The Orville, a send-up of Star Trek set to air on Fox. It’s basically the sitcom-in-space elements of Paul Feig’s Other Space meets the on-the-nose Trek analogues of Galaxy Quest. Adrianne Palicki co-stars as, oof, his XO and ex-WIFE! Deep Space Nine‘s Penny Johnson Jerald and Norm MacDonald (playing the voice of a slime) also help fill out the crew, and for some added cred, Jon Favreau and Jonathan Frakes (TNG‘s Riker) are among the first season directors.

The Orville is scheduled for Thursdays this coming TV season. And if that doesn’t work out, then MacFarlane will just have to make a web series where he’s an inept knight but also the voice of a hilariously coarse dragon.

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