Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is of course happening

After blowing millions on making Sonic the Hedgehog look less revolting, Paramount and Sega aren’t going to waste their pricey new character model. The companies have just confirmed the inevitable: after making over $300 million, Sonic the Hedgehog is obviously getting a sequel.

Director Jeff Fowler and writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller—the creative team we fell in love with over bits like “Sonic flosses for a second time”— are confirmed to return. Less certain is the casting. Not so long ago, Jim Carrey said he’s “not a crazy sequel guy” (not exactly surprising words from the star of Dumb & Dumber To and Ace Venture: When Nature Calls), so it’s unclear whether he’d return. And while Sonic’s relationship with James Marsden’s character was the core of the first film, no one knows what the guy was named beyond “James Marsden’s character,” so that guy could go either way.

A mid-credits sequence in Sonic revealed the arrival of Tails, so it’s expected the sequel will see the iconic two-tailed fox-man also floss.

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