Sony Reveals More Horribly Misguided ‘Spider-Man’ Expansion Plans for Carnage, Mysterio, Kraven

Drunken franchise drivers Sony Pictures have revealed the latest way they’re fumbling with the keys before they drive Spider-Man into a few more walls until it runs out of gas somewhere mid-story.

As we’ve already covered, the studio is planning at least two Spider-Man: Homecoming spin-offs that they’ve cryptically teased have “a chance” of actually featuring Tom Holland’s latest, ever-younger iteration of Peter Parker. But in a new article at The Hollywood Reporter, now we’re getting both more details on those—as well as some information on other, just-as-likely misconceived projects.

Firstly, as to why we’re still dealing with a Schrödinger’s Spider-Man situation in regards to the superhero’s involvement, the answer has less to do with Marvel than to Holland’s deal. Sources say the 21-year-old actor “is only contractually obligated to Spider-Man 2 and 3, but the intention is to bring him into the spinoffs and possibly other Marvel films.” As nice as it would be to have Spider-Man in some Spider-Man-based movies, you know, whatever. What happens happens.

Secondly, it turns out that Sony has failed to learn their lesson from planning a Sinister Six, Spider-Man rogues gallery film before even sobering up to the realities of actually driving their franchise to its first destination. Their Venom movie? Well, that’s now likewise going to hastily introduce that villain’s psychotic variant, Carnage—even while the film’s relation to Spider-Man remains completely unclear. Also, “other projects will focus on [Spider-Man villains] Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio.” Just as comics fans have always wanted from what’s tangentially a Spider-Man film!

While Venom has an October 2018 release set, it’s not year clear when the rest of these projects will inevitably get shelved.

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