Spider-Man finds his latest not-quite-villain in White Lotus star’s Chameleon

However bad, unfortunately-bizarre, and eternally-delayed Sony’s Spider-Man-less Spider-Verse may be, the studio remains vaguely committed to churning out these things.

Just weeks ago, they announced that a Dakota Johnson-starring Madame Web movie would join the likes of Nightwatch, Silk, Silver & Black, and Kraven among their offerings of obscure Spider-Man antihero rogues gallery films that eschew Spider-Man himself. Like with the ever-in-the-pipes Morbius, it’s unclear when or if any of the movies will reach theaters, but it seems the last of that list has at least taken another tentative step forward.

According to Deadline, White Lotus’s Fred Hechinger is set to join Kraven. While Aaron Taylor-Johnson will star in the title role, Hechinger is said to play his brother, Chameleon, a villain capable of impersonating nearly anyone.

Sadly, the casting is only a reminder that White Lotus creator and actor Mike White would 100% be a far more interesting Spider-Man villain as either Chameleon or a half-dozen other parts.

Like Mike White isn’t a far more intriguing foe, right?
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