‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailer Swings In (Swinging is Something Spider-Man Does)

After making his cameo debut in Captain America: Civil War, our third modern iteration of Spider-Man is back—and now the focal point—in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film, like the last five Spider-Man outings, is a Sony production, but this time Marvel’s efficiently guiding hand can be felt just out of view. And sometimes plainly in sight, with Robert Downey Jr. showing up in several scenes to make Marvel’s stewardship role visible and literal.

But while it’s a new Spidey and a new villain (Michael Keaton’s Vulture), now all shot in that distinctly indistinct look that marries the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans of Spider-Men past seem to at least be getting one familiar, iconic beat in there. Like in the beloved Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker is again getting his Christ-like crucifixion moment by way of New York City public transportation! We’ll see whether director Jon Watts also managed to sneak some delightfully goofy hot dog eating in there when the film hits theaters July 7.

Bonus international trailer:

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