Spider-Man’s Jon Watts is making a Star War

Well, Spider-Man trilogy director Jon Watts walked away from Fantastic Four, but it seems the puffy white glove of Disney still has its grip on him.

In a new article from Vanity Fair, it’s just been revealed that Watts has simply jumped to another side of Disney’s all-consuming intellectual property megacollective. That is to say, now he’s making a Star War.

The project he’s created alongside his Cop Car and Spider-Man: Homecoming co-writer is said to be another Disney+ series nestled into the post-Return of the Jedi period of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. It’s said to be an Amblin-style adventure (presumably referring to the likes of Goonies and E.T.), with a casting call out for kids around 12.

The series is not yet titled, but it’s going by the working title Grammar Rodeo—a nod to a seventh-season Simpsons episode where Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson illegally rent a car and take it on a joyride. Cop Car likewise saw a couple young delinquents hijack the titular car to take on a joyride. So… this is just going to be about some kids stealing a Stormtrooper’s vehicle, right?

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