Stephen King’s Sewer Clown Returns in the ‘It’ Teaser

Now decades since he first permanently traumatized a bunch of kids, It has returned to now freak out those same people as adults. That’s sort of his M.O.

This R-rated remake of Stephen King’s It comes from director Andrés Muschietti, with Bill Skarsgård taking on the iconic role of Stephen King’s clown who lives in the sewer. Skarsgård is unlikely to replace original star Tim Curry as the nightmarish clown face forever burned in our retinas, but even as just glimpsed in this trailer, he’s still pretty damn scary.

As Muschietti showed with his debut, Mama, he’s quite effective at drawing scares out of the shadows—often by way of the unexpectedly rapid approach of his ghoul of the day. That–plus the fact that this is, you know, a modern horror film instead of a 1990 broadcast miniseries—has led to a re-imagining that looks far darker and already as dread-inducing as its predecessor. And now with more hydrocephalus?

So we’ll see when the film hits theaters September 8.

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