Stephen King’s The Talisman headed to series from Spielberg and the Duffer Bros.

Back in 1982, two years before Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman was published, Steven Spielberg (Hook) bought the screen rights in perpetuity, just in case he ever got around to adapting that. Nearly forty years later, he finally seems to be.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg is teaming with Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer—the twin sons of Spielberg and King—for a series take on the novel. Spielberg and the Duffers will executive produce, with Stranger Things and The Leftovers writer Curtis Gwinn serving as showrunner.

The story sees a 12-year-old boy on a road trip that takes him across America and its dangerous parallel universe on a quest for a magical talisman that will save his dying mother and the world. The lesson is that there is truly no problem that cannot be solved through talismans.

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