[UPDATED] Studio Ghibli is probably doing a Star War

UPDATE: The collaboration has already been released, and it’s just a pretty loose animated short of Baby Yoda and some of the little soot monsters from My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. You can find Grogu and the Dust Bunnies on Disney+.

Big news for those who hoped the company that made some of the most groundbreaking animated films ever would join up with the company that made those Ewoks cartoons: Studio Ghibli is teaming up with Lucasfilm!

Details for now are basically nil, but Ghibli’s twitter today shared this brief video:

What does it mean? Who knows! The most obvious idea is that Studio Ghibli is developing an animated project taking place within the Star Wars universe. But couldn’t it also mean that No-Face from Spirited Away is becoming a Sith? And couldn’t that maybe be cooler?

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