Taraji P. Henson goes ‘Atomic Blonde’ herself in the ‘Proud Mary’ trailer

When’s the last time you saw a 46-year-old woman of color fronting a full-blown action movie? Exactly. So it’s a nice change of pace to see Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson getting her own John Wick-ian shot at head-shots with Proud Mary.

Unfortunately, the rest of the film’s lineup isn’t quite so promising. Proud Mary is directed by Babak Najafi, who last year gave us the positively abysmal London Has Fallen. The writing team includes a former Days of Our Lives writer and Troy from The Goonies, who last gave us the script for the superbly campy Christina Aguilera-Cher vehicle Burlesque. So maybe don’t count on this hitting the dizzying heights of Atomic Blonde (review to come next week). Because this also comes out in the inauspicious month of January.

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