Terry Gilliam was about to shoot a former Kubrick project

No stranger to catastrophic shit abruptly upending his films, Terry Gilliam just revealed that the ongoing pandemic is the latest unlikely culprit to halt his production.

Speaking to La Repubblica (via), Gilliam said he had a script and cast, and was ready to begin shooting this fall on what was “originally an idea by Stanley Kubrick.” Kubrick scholar Filippo Ulivieri has since chimed in to clarify that this isn’t exactly true.

The script is said to be Lunatic at Large, based on a 1956 novella commissioned by Kubrick producer James B. Harris. It’s unclear whether the director was ever actually interested in shooting it, but he apparently sold the rights off by 1962.

Anyway, it’s reportedly about “a soldier and a psychopathic female with homicidal tendencies.” And now it’s off to make it a nice, round 20 entries on the “Terry Gilliam’s unrealized projects” Wikipedia page.

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