Thanatophobia is contagious in Amy Seimetz’s She Dies Tomorrow trailer

A shaken up You’re Next reunion, She Dies Tomorrow sees Amy Seimetz directing a cast that includes Kate Lyn Sheil, Adam Wingard, Jane Adams, Chris Messina, Michelle Rodriguez, Josh Lucas, Jennifer Kim, and TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe. The psychological thriller sees Sheil as a woman inexplicably convinced she’s going to die the next day—and she will not shut up about it. Like a multi-level marketing scheme on a Facebook mom group, the thrilling idea of dying the next day is passed along to all her friends, and soon enough, they won’t shut up about it either. But you know how these things work: it’s probably only the people at the very top who actually get to die tomorrow, while the lower tier people actually end up having to live longer.

We’ll see whether our grim girlboss’s prophecy comes true when She Dies Tomorrow hits limited theaters July 31 before going on-demand August 7.

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