The Flash release now involves a trio of panicked contingencies

So, if you haven’t been paying attention to why We Need To Talk About Kevin, it’s because Kevin has been on a bizarre, multi-state crime spree.

Actor Ezra Miller has a seven-point-and-growing Wikipedia subsection dedicated wholly to “Controversies and legal issues”—and most of those are from the few years since being cast as the Flash. There’s been choking, harassment, burglary—a whole thing. And this is an issue for Warner Bros., the studio that was banking (The Flash cost a reported $200 million) on Ezra Miller being the next major star to sprint from the debris of Justice League into their own franchise.

Thusly, Warner execs have reportedly come up with a trio of contingency plans in regard to releasing The Flash—a film meant to be a massive crossover to rival Spider-Man: No Way Home in tossing superheroes of yore (Micheal Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batmen among them) into a whole convoluted multiverse scenario.

The first plan: Some PR damage control. Miller does an interview explaining the behavior and does some minimal press to push the film. Warner can just say, “Yeah, they’re in therapy,” and hope it works out.

Plan two: Just sort of ignore everything! In this scenario, the studio releases the movie as planned, doesn’t let Miller say a goddamn thing to the press, and quietly recasts him or writes him out. Done and done!

The third option? The Batgirl.

Warner Bros.’ new CEO already gobbled up some big tax write-offs by canceling The Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt’s upcoming HBO Max releases. The idea here is that, should Miller prove too toxic for the brand the studio still can’t even figure out themselves, they’ll just write off the whole thing and have one more superhero movie on the shelf.

The issue with that plan? Ezra Miller will definitely break in and steal that, leaving four dead.

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