The I Think You Should Leave boys got an HBO Max pilot

Now a decade out from his unceremonious two-season stint on SNL, Tim Robinson has emerged as a dark horse comedy cult hero. His I Think You Should Leave is an endlessly re-watchable meme generator, while Detroiters remains the most slept-on top-tier sitcom in years. And it seems he’s now combining the two in a new series.

According to Deadline, Robinson will re-team with ITYSL co-creator Zach Kanin and return to the suburbs of Detroit with Computer School. HBO Max just ordered a pilot for the potential series, which would see Robinson and his recent high-school-grad nephew attending the same Michigan computer class.

Hulu already bought the pitch before passing on the script—probably too much screaming and mentions of hot dogs for them—but their loss is HBO’s gain and ours.

Should the pilot go to series, its release schedule seems obvious.

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