‘The Mummy’ Trailer Unwraps To Reveal Withered Tom Cruise Action Set-Piece Innards

As promised last week, the new trailer for Universal’s The Mummy reboot has arrived. And as you’ll see, this new take seems to update the story to now center on a re-animated Tom Cruise action vehicle run amok. There’s still the familiar, gauzy façade, but unwrap some layers and there’s definitely the husk of a Mission: Impossible draft or an unused Jack Reacher script in there. Gaze in horror at the nightmarish swarm of familiar Tom Cruise set-pieces this mummy summons. Recoil in terror at this mummy’s curse of Cruise popping his shirt off to show how he’s still in good shape for his fifties. What has been awakened is powerful and as ancient as Cruise’s post-Interview with the Vampire work.

Audiences can stare into this tomb, hear the haunting whispers of how Cruise did most of his own stunts, on June 9.

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