The Suicide Squad looks a delightfully garish blast in this sneak peek

James Gunn’s soft reboot of Suicide Squad feels as much like a sequel as it does a response. In the face of the original’s gritty look and macho posturing, The Suicide Squad is a lurid, over-the-top blast that embraces the dopey C- and D-list antiheroes filling out its ranks. And those ranks are so multitude, it’s clear this sneak peek’s caution to not get too attached to any of them will prove itself valid through numerous laughably-gruesome deaths. From Peter Capaldi’s bulbous, electrode-covered head, to Cena’s blinding getup, to friggin’ King Shark, everything about this looks fun as hell. Just an absolute hoot. Gunn being temporarily fired at Marvel has resulted in Polka-Dot Man appearing in a major superhero tentpole, and any delay in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is 100% justified for that. Groot can get fucked, because Nathan Fillion’s character can also take off his arms and use them as clubs.

Check out its awesome, G.I. Joe-esque poster.

The Suicide Squad is set to arrive August 6 of next year.

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