There are already dueling Reddit Gamestop stocks movies in development

Laying bare the dangers of the capitalist free market, there are now already two competing Reddit GameStop stocks debacle movies we’re going to have to deal with.

The first is reportedly coming from MGM, where they’ve preemptively, unsurprisingly scooped up the rights to a nonfiction book on the matter that was just pitched by The Accidental Billionaires writer Ben Mezrich. That book was adapted into The Social Network, so this time the author is getting ahead of the obvious title swap to call this one The Antisocial Network. (Because those Reddit boys are antisocial DORKS!)

The other one is headed to Netflix, the streamer reportedly in talks with The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty Oscar winner Mark Boal to write a film that uses the GameStop manipulation as a springboard to talk about “how social media has leveled the playing field and allowed the masses to challenge status quo gatekeepers, for good and bad.” Though there isn’t yet script, Netflix has already decided that their To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before hunk Noah Centineo is the guy to star in it. So the guy in the headband who calls himself DeepFuckingValue is probably gonna be jacked.

If any or all of this sounds like confusing nonsense, you’re just going to have to look it up yourself. We’re not even going to get into it.

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