There will finally be a movie about Cocaine Bear, the late, cocaine-eating bear


Per the New York Times: in 1985, “A 175-pound black bear apparently died of an overdose of cocaine after discovering a batch of the drug.” Tragically, he’s only getting his big Hollywood movie deal postmortem.

Elizabeth Banks has reportedly signed on to direct Universal’s Cocaine Bear, with Phil Lord and Chris Miller producing.

While Cocaine Bear himself was taxidermied and passed around to the likes of Waylon Jennings before overdosing in irony in its final resting place of the Kentucky Fun Mall (commercial below), it seems the film will be less about the ursine journey than the drug deal turned wildlife crime; it’s described as “a character-driven thriller inspired by true events that took place in Kentucky.”

We can only hope this film will find sucess, leading to further projects that end with a bear eating cocaine to death.

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