There’s a naked SlenderBabadook—and it’s coming from the smartphone!—in the Come Play trailer

What if the Babadook and his little book were digitized, and also he looked like a nude, red-eyed Slenderman? That’s the question behind Come Play, writer-director Jacob Chase’s feature adaptation of his five-minute short, Larry.

Marriage Story‘s Azhy Robertson stars as a friendless boy whose autism has rendered him effectively mute, forcing him to communicate through smartphones and tablets. Somehow his handheld devices open a portal or something though, and out pops a naked, gangling dude named Larry—and he loves jump-scares. In other word, it’s wholly derivative in two or three separate horror sub-genres, so that’s something. Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr. co-star as the parents trying to keep the lanky, hairless flasher away from their son.

We will almost certainly find out that Larry is a manifestation of the kid’s psyche when Come Play comes to play on October 30.

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