There’s evidently another Johnny English movie, and here’s its trailer

Well, it’s ended up quite a week for Olga Kurylenko projects no one expected to ever see. Following the trailer release of the Kurylenko-supported Man Who Killed Don Quixote, now you can also see the Quantum of Solace actress in… Johnny English Strikes Again. Because Rowan Atkinson appears to have made a third one of those.

Why now, seven years since Johnny English Reborn resurrected the character, his downy eyebrows rising from the ashes of so much tame slapstick? Impossible to say. But the why at all? of it isn’t as baffling as it might seem. Though the first two films have Rotten Tomatoes scores in the dismal 30% range, and Reborn made only $8.3 million over its entire domestic run, it turns out these things are a hit abroad. Once worldwide receipts are added in, both Johnny English films ended their box office runs over $160 million, uniting the globe through the international language of gentle chuckles. English’s return was as inevitable as his falling and hurting himself again, which obviously happens in this first trailer.

Tellingly, while Johnny English Strikes Again has release dates scheduled across more than a dozen countries, Universal has yet to set one for the U.S.

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