There’s somehow an eighth Sniper movie, and here’s the trailer

While the Fast/Furious franchise has been keeping us distracted with its outrageous set-pieces, another action franchise has been covertly building up its own eight-film empire under cover of direct-to-video. The 1993 Tom Berenger vehicle Sniper has a seventh sequel hitting absolutely no theaters in less than two weeks, and we’ve got a trailer to catch us up on the happenings of the Sniperverse.

In Sniper: Assassin’s End, there’s been a political assassination, and there’s only one sniper who could have pulled off the shot: Sniper’s son, Sniper Junior. But it turns out there’s another sniper who could and did pull off the shot, and she is Sexy Sniper. Now Sniper Junior must dodge Sexy Sniper’s attempts on his life while exonerating himself and figuring out who framed him—with the help of Sniper Daddy, naturally. Truly a case of too many Snipers, in more ways than one.

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