Thomas Jane just wants his kid back, so he murders his wife, in Netflix’s ‘1922’ trailer

Already familiar with both Stephen King adaptations and just wanting his kid(s) back, Thomas Jane returns to both with the Netflix original 1922. The Mist and Dreamcatcher star here plays a Nebraska farmer whose wife (Deadwood‘s Molly Parker) wants to sell off her portion of their land and take their son to live in the city. Jane is not cool with that at all, so he enlists his boy to help murder the mother and toss her body in their well. An awful plague of rats—either real or imagined, at least by the King novella’s unreliable narrator—follows the death and its main perpetrator. So if you weren’t terrified enough of the recent Stephen King clown offering, don’t worry: soon, an equally wretched King-invented scourge is on the way. It streams October 20.

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