Thor: Love and Thunder teaser gives retirement, Guns N’ Roses

The first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder is here, and it seems the titular hero is taking a cue from Thanos this go. He’s not, like, killing half of all life as a pretty poorly thought-out solution to overpopulation or anything, but he is trying to retire on some planet where he can stab his armaments into the soil to symbolically give up fighting and retire as a muscular god.

But as you’ll see in the above teaser, it’s clearly not meant to be. Because that wouldn’t be much of a Marvel movie, would it?

It seems CGI-heavy battle is indeed in the cards—now aided by not just the Guardians of the Galaxy and director Taika Waititi’s rock guy but also our new LadyThor, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster.

Like Waititi’s prior Thor effort, Thor: Ragnarok, it will probably be relatively decent! Not mind-blowing or anything, but a fun-enough, funny-enough little superhero spectacle. We’ll find out July 8.

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