Timothée Chalamet does some more romantic, nostalgic coming-of-age in the Hot Summer Nights trailer

After starring in two of last year’s best films, Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird star Timothée Chalamet is back for some more nostalgic coming-of-age filled with lost virginity and seaside trysts in the grass. Have a look with the trailer for A24’s Hot Summer Nights, the feature debut from writer-director Elijah Bynum. The ’80s-set film sees Chalamet as a teen finding romance with It Follows‘ Maika Monroe and getting involved in some drug dealing while summering with his aunt in Cape Cod. This kid has really got himself deep into wistful remembrances of young love lost. We’ll see whether his spindly body can climb out of that pigeonhole after Hot Summer Nights arrives July 27.

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