Tom Berenger thriller now the biggest entertainment news we’ve got

Tom Berenger in BLOOD AND MONEY
Berenger is as incredulous as you.

With Hollywood largely shut down alongside the rest of the country, Deadline brings word that a Tom Berenger thriller’s distribution deal is now newsworthy.

In what’s apparently one of the larger stories to come out of the weekend, the outlet is bothering to report that Screen Media has landed North American rights to Blood and Money, an indie thriller featuring the star of five out of seven Sniper films.

The movie sees Berenger as a retired vet out hunting in the Maine wilderness when he finds a dead body and a bag of money. Some casino robbers are also out there and after their cash, kicking off a game of survival in which “the hunter becomes the hunted,” as one expects of this kind of thing.

Well, that’s it! Come back tomorrow to find out if Stephen Baldwin is doing anything new, and whether we’re forced to resort to covering that!

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