Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie planning musical, something with Les Grossman

Since their debut collaboration on 2008’s Valkyrie, the pairing of Tom Cruise and writer (sometimes director) Christopher McQuarrie has given us such thoroughly entertaining action fare as The Edge of Tomorrow, several top-tier Mission: Impossibles, and Top Gun: Maverick. Also, that Mummy reboot.

But now it seems they’re ready to venture outside the wheelhouse where Tom runs around: It’s time for Tom Cruise to stop scampering and start singing and dancing.

According to Deadline, the frenetic actor and McQuarrie are in the early stages of a project described as “an original song and dance-style musical they’ll craft as a star vehicle for Cruise.” And that’s not all!

They’re also said to be working on giving the Mission: Impossible star a new Mission: Impossible through “another original action film with franchise potential.” Though it’s worth mentioning that the pair’s Jack Reacher and Mummy were also pitched as that before fizzling out after a movie or two.

Thirdly, it’s said McQuarrie and his Cruise-Muse are, like the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, “fixated on Les Grossman”—the crass film exec Cruise played in Tropic Thunder. It’s currently unclear whether they hope to give Grossman his own comedy or merely shoehorn him into something else, but they’re apparently trying to resurrect him in some way or another. Because what has conceptually aged better than skeezy studio heads and fat suits?

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