Tom Hanks is crotchety in A Man Called Otto trailer

Judging by this trailer for A Man Called Otto, the entire idea seems to be “What if Tom Hanks was crotchety?” Or possibly, “What if Curb Your Enthusiasm was in no way funny?”

Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s also seemingly a secondary idea, which is, “What if this premise took place in a bizarre housing and storage compound in Anytown, USA?” Never has the Stubborn Old White Grump Gets His Heart Warmed genre looked more vaguely dystopian! Finally, we get Gran Torino as baked in Vivarium and over-sweetened with some Hanks-brand saccharine.

Since Sony doesn’t have a streaming platform to dump this onto, A Man Called Otto will hit select theaters this Christmas before going wide with the theatrical equivalent of streaming: a mid-January release.

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