Toxic Avenger is in line for a reboot (again)

Toxie can’t even believe this.

Hoping to add some diversity to an industry direly lacking in grotesque mutants who carry around mops, Hollywood is once again eyeing a remake of The Toxic Avenger. According to THR, Legendary Pictures has picked up the film rights to the crime-fighting freak, with an eye on “relaunching the property as a full-throated franchise.”

Of course, it’s not like The Toxic Avenger wasn’t an all-out franchise already. Troma Entertainment’s gruesome, 1984 cult comedy spawned three sequels, comic books, a musical, and an unlikely Saturday morning cartoon with accompanying video game. And this isn’t the first time someone’s attempted a reboot, either.

Back in 2010, Akiva Goldsman and other producers tried to put together a PG-13 remake that was being compared to The MaskHot Tub Time Machine’s Steve Pink was set to direct, with John Travolta and Arnold Schwarzenegger at different points attached to co-star (Schwarzengger was going to serve in a mentor role, but it’s unclear whether that’s how Travolta would have fit in). Like Toxie’s unblinking, sloughed-off eye, those individuals no longer seem to be attached.

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