Trailer: Fonda and Tomlin made another movie—and it sure looks better than 80 for Brady.

Who knew that Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin would have a career final act where the 9 to 5 stars reconnected to become the Pryor-Wilder for the next same generation? But good on them for it. Following up their seven seasons of Grace and Frankie and the misguided 80 for Brady, the pair is back for their latest comedy, Moving On. Here’s the trailer—and at least it looks a lot better than their football fandom movie.

Written and directed by Tomlin’s Grandma writer-director, Paul Weitz (In Good Company, Fatherhood), the film sees Tomlin and Fonda as estranged friends who reunite at a funeral and plan a revenge murder on their mutual friend’s widower, Malcolm McDowell. Also, Jane Fonda fucks Richard Roundtree! Again, good on her; you get that Shaft shaft.

Moving On hits theaters March 17. What better than St. Patrick’s Day for a film about killing a Brit?

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