Greta Gerwig’s Barbie indeed nails Barbie in new trailer

For all the years of attempts at needlessly making a movie out of Barbie—from an Amy Schumer comedy to an Anne Hathaway project—it’s wild that one seems to have really worked out as idealized as Barbie herself. Co-written and directed by Greta Gerwig, and, believe it or not, with stronger Margot Robbie foot material than Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, this appears to be the Dream Car of Barbie vehicles. We couldn’t ask for better than this. Check it out: it’s the new trailer for Warner Bros.’ Barbie.

Filled with more winking Barbie nods than the only Aqua hit, this new preview gives us a better look at the many varied Barbies and embittered Kens living in their glossy, plastic world. It almost feels like The Super Mario Bros. Movie in delivering tongue-in-cheek but accurate fan service to this kiddie product (Kate McKinnon’s effed-up sandbox Barbie is perfect), but that it implies Robbie’s Barbie will enter the Real World—and that this is, notably, called Barbie’s second teaser trailer—suggests this may well be more of a Sonic the Hedgehog situation. It’s going to be, like, 25 minutes of this teaser bit in her Barbie world, and another 75 minutes of Barbie and Ryan Goslin’s Ken doing fish-out-of-water stuff in real-life Los Angeles—now with Will Ferrell on the other side of the Elf naïveté coin as some business guy who wants to exploit Barbie with a doll or fashion line or something. Right? That’s the movie, yeah? But, surprisingly, with handjob gags?

Well, Barbie hits theaters July 21, and presumably has a full trailer coming out before then, so we’ll find out this summer.

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