Trailer: Mortal Kombat is very serious about the gory murder-fights video game

Look, Mortal Kombat is not high art. It’s some magical color-coded ninjas; a guy with robot arms; a handful of actual monsters with the skin of white guys; the electricity rice farmer; but mostly it is the cartoonishly bloody murder of one’s fighting peers. Its almost nonexistent story probably didn’t need to be told in now three movies, but here we are, and given the material, this seems fine. The ninjas are there; the robot arm man is there; a guy kills a man with a knife made of his own frozen blood; and so on. Seems like a mistake to dial back the thumping techno soundtrack, but if we have to be all self-serious about the gory murder-fights video game, fine. This is fine. Probably very, very bad, but fine.

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