‘True Lies’ is getting remade as a broadcast TV series

Giving the world its first chance ever to feel allegiance to Tom Arnold, Fox has started development on a True Lies television reboot. The network has reportedly given “a sizable put-pilot commitment” to the project, with Green Lantern and Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim set to write the script. James Cameron, writer and director of the 1994 original, has come on as an executive producer. Having already experienced intense Cameron bastardization with Terminator Salvation, McG is attached to direct.

For those who haven’t seen it, True Lies starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a devoted, suburban, strangely muscular family man living a double life as a secret agent. Jamie Lee Curtis co-starred as the wife that ends up unwittingly involved in his work—to thrilling, sexy results! Tom Arnold was also in it.

Here’s the original, exceedingly ’90s trailer:

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