TV-VCR has reached its end of tape


Thanks for reading this. And, more so, thanks for reading and commenting on everything else before this on TV-VCR. But, I’m sorry to say, this is all there will be to read. This is it.

I hoped that by doing a unique thing, and keeping it going mostly on my own, with slight, curated staff, I could prolong the death of the dying entertainment blog industry. Indeed, I did. But prolonging isn’t saving—and it’s time to admit defeat. It’s over.

Before going, though, I just want to say how proud I am of what we’ve accomplished here. I think there has been some great writing, some gorgeous art, some strong criticism, and some fantastic commentary—from contributors, commenters, and, dare I say, myself.

Ultimately, though… here we are. And here we go.

Goodbye, and sad farewell. You can still find my normal bad takes on Twitter at Mark Internet, with further bad movie ideas likewise at Mark Internet on Letterboxd.


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